Why You Do Want To Become A Real Estate Virtual Assistant

By Jan Harris

When you become a real estate virtual assistant, you will specialize in a hot niche market that really needs your help. Hardworking real estate agents stay busy throughout the day (sometimes evenings too) with various functions including listings, showings, sales and marketing and closing activities. On top of this they have numerous administrative tasks that must also be done and it can easily become far too much for one person.

Who Hires a Virtual Real Estate Assistant?

All business owners know how difficult it is to juggle sales and marketing, client satisfaction, daily operations, professional affiliations and networking all at once.

Real estate agents were one of the first professionals to take advantage of the services of Virtual Assistants. VAs had skills in database management, bookkeeping, writing as well as general office and business procedures. All essential skills to assistant an agent run their business. Virtual assistants that once worked in real estate decided to use that knowledge to build a niche business for themselves.

Here are some common services you can offer as a Real Estate VA:

-Marketing including logos, branding, business cards, and brochures
-Web site management (updates and virtual tours)
-Talking with potential clients (home sellers, home buyers, FSBOs)
-Listing coordination (data entry, promotional info, presentations)
-Handling closing activities (escrow, inspections, signings)
-Scheduling appointments

Agents are looking for experienced virtual assistants with knowledge and experience in real estate. You will be able to propose new areas for business growth, create sales copy depending on the area and the situation with the housing market and deal with the questions that customers ask but agents don't always have time to answer.

A VA who specializes in real estate can easily become a vital member of the team. Your knowledge allows the agent to concentrate on their business of helping clients to buy or sell property while you handle the rest. As a skilled VA in real estate you will become an invaluable partner with a busy agent and free up their time to grow their business.

Even with little or no experience in real estate, you can still like to take advantage of this hot niche market by investing in some training available for those interested in this specialty.

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